Fully Fund Our Public Schools

All students in Kansas deserve a top-quality public education, including early childhood through post-secondary programs, as well as vocational and technical education. Our children and the future of our State depend on quality schools staffed by skilled teachers. Steven will actively work to ensure State education funds are allocated fairly and adequately, and that no money is redirected to private schools, particularly sectarian schools with little to no oversight from the government.

Expand and De-Privatize KanCare

By refusing to expand Medicare and privatizing the State’s safety-net healthcare system, Kansas’s government has created a healthcare crisis. Estimates suggest our state has already lost more than $2 billion in healthcare funding – dollars which could have helped people across the state, including those served by at-risk rural hospitals. Poor record-keeping and lack of oversight have further added to KanCare’s problems, causing many to lose the services they rely on to live healthy and productive lives. To address these problems, Steven will support legislation to immediately end Kansas’s failed privatization experiment and to expand Medicaid coverage so Kansans from all economic levels have adequate access to quality healthcare.

End the Sales Tax on Groceries

Steven believes the Legislature must ensures taxes are fairly applied for the benefit all Kansans regardless of their level of income. As part of their failed tax experiment, Kansas Republicans raised the State’s sales tax, making it the centerpiece of the State’s revenue-generation model. Working families in Kansas now pay the highest sales tax on food in the nation. Steven believes this regressive system must be reversed and the sales tax on food should be immediately returned to pre-2010 levels and phased out completely over the next few years.

Protect Voting Rights

Under Kobach and the Republican administration, Kansas has become the national poster-child for voter suppression. Impediments to free and fair elections in Kansas must be resolved to ensure all elections are protected from partisan, ideological, and personal gamesmanship. Steven believes Kansas should establish an independent, nonpartisan redistricting commission to protect against gerrymandering, expand access to advance voting by mail, and enact same-day voter registration on election days.

Clean Up Kansas Government

As your legislator, Steven will fight to increase government transparency and end legislative tricks like anonymous legislation and unscheduled, unrecorded votes. He will challenge the infamous “gut and go” procedure during which language is stripped from a bill and entirely different language added and voted on without amendment or debate. He will also fight against the corrupting influence of money in politics, including from the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a lobbying organization that writes bills that benefit corporations and CEOs at the expense of other Kansans.