Steven x Davis believes well-written laws and sensible policies help everyone in our community. Indeed, he is a candidate for Kansas’s 45th District in the House of Representatives precisely because he knows that poorly written laws and the bad policies they produce have brought our state to the brink of bankruptcy.

Steven became politically active after the disastrous 2014 re-election of Governor Brownback. As the election approached, he saw that Kansas was in budgetary freefall, and common sense told him the only way Kansas could get out of the hole we’d dug for ourselves was to enact sensible tax policies. He watched with frustration as special-interest dollars flowed into our state, drowning out the voices of candidates fighting for financial responsibility. Months later, the Legislature increased taxes on working families so that those same special interests could pay zero income tax. This was the turning point – the moment when Steven realized he needed to join the fight to return common sense to the Kansas Statehouse.

A native Kansan, Steven grew up and attended school in Leavenworth, eventually graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. He moved to Lawrence several years ago, where he has worked as a math teacher and tutor, and a writer and editor. Today Steven works full-time for a local publishing company, preparing academic journal articles for publication.

Steven’s political activities are guided by a commitment to fairness and a desire to solve problems. For example, while working as a Field Manager for the Douglas County Democratic Party in 2016, he heard from Lawrence voters who didn’t own cars and were concerned about how they would get to the polls. Rather than accepting the situation, Steven showed true leadership by convincing the City of Lawrence to waive bus fares on Election Day, a policy the City continues to implement.

Steven’s dedication to Democratic Party principles led him to start the Douglas County Young Democrats in 2017. A member of the American Institute of Parliamentarians, Steven’s expertise in Robert’s Rules of Order made him the perfect choice for Secretary of the Kansas Second Congressional District Caucus and Rules Chair for the Kansas Young Democrats. His dedication to our community makes him a valuable member of Lawrence’s Social Service Funding Advisory Board.