Birth Control

In a nutshell: Safe and legal abortion must be accessible to all women in Kansas without government interference, but the number of abortions can be greatly reduced with readily available contraception and proper sex education. Crisis pregnancy centers that pose as medical organizations and lie to women about their health care must not receive state funding and should be shut down for practicing fraud.

Criminal Justice

In a nutshell: Kansas must end its war on drugs by treating drug addicts instead of imprisoning them, which will greatly reduce our booming prison population and overburdened criminal justice system. Independent investigations of police misconduct will prevent corruption from taking root in local police departments. City and county governments should be funded with democratically enacted tax policies, not fines and penalties. Decisions about gun control should be made by local governments without interference from the state.


In a nutshell: Kansas must end its aggressive voter suppression tactics by simplifying voter registration and elections. We can also address the inherent problems with the Electoral College by joining the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. A comprehensive change to our state constitution is necessary to ensure proper apportionment of legislative and Congressional districts and to introduce a mechanism for citizen-initiated statutes, vetoes, and constitutional amendments.


In a nutshell: All students in Kansas deserve a top-quality education at no cost. The State of Kansas must ensure adequate funding for education at every level, from pre-kindergarten to graduate school, but the absurdly high administrative costs must be addressed. No state education funds should be allocated or redirected to private schools, particularly religious schools with little or no oversight from the government.

Government Reform

In a nutshell: The State of Kansas recently received an “F” on government integrity, and as a result of those problems, the Kansas Legislature has become a national laughingstock. Many reforms are necessary to strengthen and repair our government, such as increasing government transparency, ending legislative shenanigans such as unscheduled votes and abuses by the leadership, and addressing the corrupting influence of money in politics, particularly from the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

Investing in Kansas

In a nutshell: Kansas’s crumbling infrastructure is in desperate need of repair. In order to finance our infrastructure, the state must stop stealing money from the Kansas Department of Transportation to fill its budget hole. We can create jobs by making Kansas a better place for workers to live and for entrepreneurs to innovate and start businesses. Furthermore, Kansas is the perfect place for a clean-energy revolution.


In a nutshell: By refusing to address mental illness, homelessness, health care, and wages, the State of Kansas has created a poverty crisis. In order to address these problems, Kansas must immediately expand Medicaid coverage to everyone who qualifies, eliminate the sales tax on food and other necessary goods, and raise the minimum wage over the next few years. Public services should be available to all Kansans, but no one who works full-time should need public assistance to survive.


In a nutshell: The sales tax on food should be repealed immediately. Tax cuts and other benefits to small businesses can greatly benefit the community, but we must ensure that they are actually going to small businesses and not pass-through entities and multi-billion dollar corporations. Governor Brownback’s absurdly regressive tax policies must be repealed by the Legislature regardless of veto threats from a lame-duck governor.